Sunday, August 23, 2009

why I am just not like the rest of you

  • where does someone go when they are surrounded by people who want to TALK? Anywhere....right?
  • BUT.....what if you cannot speak without every single word causing pain?
  • AND....YOU LOVE TO yourself..let the whole world know your very specific and very cool and very interesting point of view.
  • ...I am not brilliant but I am smart.....Oh yeah I am justlike soooo many of you .....i so hope there is a being out in this internet world JUST like me....OH MY GOD HOW COOL TO FIND THAT INDIVIDUAL......but that"s another question....That's another day....
  • I HAVE A SECRET.....I HAD A BAD ACCIDENT....HIT A TREE SNOWSKIING.....AND AFTER NINE OPERATIONS ON MY HEAD.....ENDED UP WITH TITANIUM AND SILASTIC IMPLANTS IN MY JAW AND SKULL.......i CAN speak....i DO speak...but after even a few sentences.....i get a blinding headache. IT's that simple. IT's that complicated.
  • what do you do when you can't keep your mouth shut....and you know it will cause you great amounts of pain to keep on talking...but you're caught up in the moment....and all the people you adore are hanging on your words AND everyone's laughing, remembering, telling stories...and it FEELS SOO GOOD
  • i am just w0ndering about these things...just wishing for someplace to let it out....i am blessed in sooo many ways....that i guess i feel bad to complain..but it is such BIG PAIN such a suffocation of doesn't hurt to balk about it on this site...right?
  • speaking=pain
  • not/speaking=extreme frustrating
  • i truly stay in my own safe keep my own big mouth SHUT.


  1. Hi Debbi,
    For some reason I've had a hard time trying to post this comment, but so it goes.
    Dark but sweet thoughts, coming from you.
    Some mystics and gurus struggle for years to attain silence on their path toward nirvana. Perhaps that's your path, too. Though, decidedly, not one of choice.
    I know you'll find a way to live, and love it.

  2. ok thank u baby i write this for the 4th t ime and now i very Mad at my laptop becus i went on and on each time about how beautiful ur comment makes me feel....